MIEKE ELZINGA, Dutch  painter, portraittist, selfie-ist, digital artist.

                              Artist at Galerie Absoluut, Amersfoort, www.galerieabsoluut.nl

                              Artist at Int. DINA4 project,  M.A.C. House Leusden, www.lacasaholandesa.org

                              Artist at FemArtMuseum, www.femartmuseum.nl

Artist at ARTRE, kunstenaarscollectief, Amersfoort


I take photographs and selfies,  capturing daily situations and emotional moments.

By using filters, I do not want to make the ‘outside’ more beautiful, but I want to show more of the ‘inside’,  emotions, vulnerabilities and the story of the person I’m making a portrait of.

Without using any paint or paintbrush I create digital portraits that leave room for your own fantasy and personal interpretation.

My work is printed on high quality photopaper and presented on Dibond. They go in different sizes.


My paintings and drawings are ‘portraits’ of my fantasy, memories and emotions. I not only experient with the paint and materials, but also with the portrait itself. My love for realistic, fineart and drawing is always the basis I work from.


My pictures are ‘portraits’ , moments of my life and the way I see the world.